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A Luxembourg-based photographer with a passion for music and fashion, who happily travels halfway around the world for a good show.

Emotion, attitude, the character of the person and the dynamics of the performance and, above all, love for what an artist does is what I try to capture whenever I have a camera with me at a show. Regardless of whether it is an intimate club gig or a high-octane arena show, whether it's jazz, blues, pop, rock or heavy metal, when I take photos, my goal is to achieve a shot that makes you go "Yeah! I (wish I) WAS there!"

EXTREME - "Take Us Alive - Boston 2009" (DVD, CD)
EXTREME - "Pornografitti 2012 Japan Tour" (TOURBOOK)
EXTREME - "25th Anniversary Japan Tour 2014" (TOURBOOK)

My photos have also appeared on artist websites for Steve Lukather, Marillion (Facebook), Voyage and in magazines (e.g., Total Guitar UK, Guitar Club (Italy), Burrn! (Japan), Guitar (Germany)).

If you want to get in touch with me, send me an email to biruta[at]jadeluxphoto.com

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